Running Costumes for Non-Sewers

[facebook] Putting together a running costume presents challenges beyond just looking good. It has to FEEL good too, plus hold together over many miles. And the key to feeling good while looking good is to start with good base pieces. For those of us who sew, the challenge of getting the base pieces right involves […]

Being My Own Silly Self

[facebook] Many of you will have heard by now of how SELF Magazine chose to ridicule a cancer patient because she was running a marathon in a tutu. It appears to be a case of poor journalism backed by a “mean girls” attitude. But is there more to this attitude than just a distain for […]

Making a Russell Costume

[facebook] There are a lot of great Russell costume tutorials out there already, so I’ll point you at a couple that I used and pass on some shortcuts of my own. The hardest part of Russell for me was getting the colors of the shirt and hat right. I must have purchased and returned about […]