Running Costumes for Non-Sewers


Putting together a running costume presents challenges beyond just looking good. It has to FEEL good too, plus hold together over many miles. And the key to feeling good while looking good is to start with good base pieces. For those of us who sew, the challenge of getting the base pieces right involves searching through fabric stores and online for just the right shade and texture of material. For non-sewers, the search can be even harder, because you are limited to what is already available.

I recently found a company that makes that search a little easier, Augusta Active. Their pieces are especially useful for costuming as each comes in multiple colors and sizes from XS to 2XL. One thing I like about their website is that you can filter items by color. So if I’m doing a Tinker Bell outfit and want to see everything that comes in lime green, it’s very easy. Plus they have matching accessories like caps, visors, and even socks, so you can be sure your whole outfit will be color-matched.

The folks at Augusta Active were kind enough to send me some samples so I could show you how to easily turn two pieces into three different costumes with no sewing involved. The pieces I chose to use were their Jazzy Tank in black and red and a red Team Skort.

Augusta Tank and Skort

The first costume I put together is an elegant Day of the Dead look that would be great for any Halloween-time run. To make this look, I purchased the overskirt, lace gloves, tattoos (Amazon also has these), and a spray of black flowers at Michaels craft store. I cut the flowers into individual stems, then taped them into a crown with electrical tape.

Day of DeadDay of Dead Close

Next, I made a quick Queen of Hearts outfit. I purchased a child-sized queen robe, a glitter visor, a black tiara, and red, black, and white self-adhesive glitter foam sheets from a Jo-Ann Fabric store. (Note: Fabric stores are not just for sewers!) The child size worked great as the length was perfect for running. If you have stronger arms than my “model,” you might need to cut the arm holes. I cut shapes out of the glitter foam sheets and used the self-adhesive to stick them together and to the tank and visor. You could add a safety pin to hold the heart to the shirt for extra security.

Queen of HeartsDSC00163a

The last outfit I “accessorized” was a cute ladybug look. I found the wings, skirt, and head bopper at Jo-Ann. (Note: Use their coupons, they are a huge money-saver). Amazon also has a cute set of ladybug wings and headband. This look is especially great from the back. And isn’t that what most people see as you fly past them?

Ladybug FrontLadybug Back

So there you have three quick looks from one outfit. I’m sure you can use your accessorizing skills to come up with many more. For you Marvel fans, I can picture Lady Sif. Or going Star Wars with a fierce Darth Maul and Augusta’s red and black Color Block Skort and a makeup kit and shirt from Amazon.

To help you get started, use coupon code PINKOUT from 9/14 to 9/18 to get 25% off!