Iron Man Collection

Putting together a running outfit inspired by Iron Man presents a wide variety of looks since Tony Stark is constantly upgrading his suits.

For fun, we have included a tutu in the collection so you can rock an “Iron Maiden” look. Perfect for a Rock and Roll run or bring your own Iron Maiden vibe to the runDisney Avengers race.

The Collection includes items available on Etsy, Zazzle, Under Armour, and Amazon. We have designed the items to mix and match, so you can customize your own look.


Iron Maiden Tutu

IronTutu We can’t claim this as an original idea, but it was just too silly to leave out of our Collection.

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Iron Man Goggles

IronManGoggles Many races (including runDisney races) do not allow masks, so these Iron Man goggles are a great alternative. Plus they will keep the space debris out of your eyes.

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Iron Man Under Armour Alter Ego Shirt


Under Armour’s line of superhero shirts are SUPER. They come in a range of sizes to fit men and women. My “model” is rocking her Small.

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Under Armour Red Shirt

IronManUAShirt Under Armour makes quality shirts, like this red T-shirt with flatlock seams and moisture wicking fabric.

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Red Asics Skirt

This Asics running skirt gets great reviews for comfort and fit. This skirt and the matching red tank are Iron Man red all the way.

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Red Asics Tank Top

This Asics singlet is in that hard to find true red color. It is made with breathable hydrology fabric to wick away moisture. Reviews mention that it tends to run big, so order accordingly.

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Red Compression Shorts

Since these are compression shorts, you might want to go up a size if you want less, well, compression. The pair we received has a black waistband, not the red shown in the photo.

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Red Compression Shirt

This compression shirt works well with our armor since it does not have a logo.

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Iron Man Performance T-shirt

Zazzle offers many styles of Iron Man T-shirts. This is a V-neck performance T-shirt with a classic Iron Man design.

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Iron Man Tank Top

Zazzle offers this Iron Man design in many colors and styles, like this great tank.

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Gold and Red Mizuno Shoes

ironmanshoes If Iron Man wore running shoes, it would have to be these Mizuno red and gold beauties. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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Ironman Red Socks

Sure, they mean Ironman as in the race, not the hero, but these Wigwam Ironman socks are still the perfect color to complete your Iron Man look.

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