Dr. Strange Collection

Leaving his former life as a neurosurgeon, Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats. A Marvel character since 1963, the doctor brings an element of sorcery and mysticism to the Marvel universe.

Dr. Strange is aided by the love of his life, the sorceress Clea, and his long-time assistant, Wong. With their help and magical objects like the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto, Dr. Strange is able to battle the forces of evil.

Our Dr. Strange Collection includes items available on Etsy and Amazon. We have designed the items to mix and match, so you can customize your own look.

Dr. Strange Running Cape

This waist-length cape was inspired by Dr. Strange’s “Cloak of Levitation.” It is made from a lightweight knit with a tall collar. The Doctor’s mystical “Eye of Agamotto” accents the front.

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Dr. Strange Performance T-shirt

Our Dr. Strange inspired performance t-shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Complete with yellow sash!

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Dr. Strange Cosplay Cape

Go even bigger with our Dr. Strange inspired cape for cosplayers. This cape is thigh-length and features a higher collar and more detailed Eye than our running cape.

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Clea Performace T-shirt


Get the look of Dr. Strange’s love, the sorceress Clea, in a performance t-shirt.

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Clea Shorts, Capris, or Leggings

Complete your sorceress Clea outfit with our leggings in your choice of three lengths.

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Metal Eye of Agamotto

If you would like a metal Eye, this one on Amazon looks mystically correct.

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Dr. Strange Costume T-shirt

This Dr. Strange t-shirt is available in both women’s and men’s styles.

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Dr. Strange Socks

These socks may not allow you to fly, but you will look magical in them!

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