Peter Pan & Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell originally appeared in J. M. Barrie’s 1904 play, Peter Pan. She joined the Disney family in their 1953 film of Peter Pan. Over the years she has followed a trail of pixie dust to become one of the most visible symbols of the Walt Disney Company. She now leads the Disney Fairies group from her home in Pixie Hollow.

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We have put together links to ideas for costumes pieces you can buy to assemble your next running costume.

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Peter Pan Outfit


Fly to Neverland in your Peter Pan shirt, tights, and hat. Also available in black for Peter’s shadow!

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Peter Pan Hat


Peter Pan hats available in green and black.

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Captain Hook Men's T-shirt


Ahoy! This men’s pirate t-shirt is fit for Captain Hook himself.

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Women's Captain Hook Shirt


This women’s pirate shirt has swashbuckling details.

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Captain Hook Headband


A runner-friendly Captain’s hat headband.

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Mr. Smee Tank Top


Captain Hook’s #1 ally, Mr. Smee.

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Mr. Smee Shorts


These shorts fit a bit baggy, but that’s just right for Mr. Smee.

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Mr. Smee Red Hat


Mr. Smee’s signature hat in a cozy waffle knit.

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Foam Captain Hook Hand


This foam Hook hand will pass muster with requirements for soft props.

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Peg Leg Pirate Socks


You’ll be a peg-leg pirate in these mismatched elope pirate socks!

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Tick Tock Croc Clock


This plastic clock doesn’t work, but it’s big enough and light enough to make a good running prop.

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Crocodile Hat


Hook’s nemesis, the fearsome crocodile!

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Crocodile Shirt


A great crocodile pattern in a tech fabric shirt.

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Crocodile Capris


Complete your crocodile ensemble with these capris. Also available in long tights and a skirt.

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Wendy Darling Running Top


Just add Gore’s blue running skirt and a blue hair bow to this Gore running top, and you will be a lovely Wendy Darling.

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Wendy Darling Skirt


This Gore skirt is a wonderful blue, just right for Wendy!

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Wendy Darling Hair Bow


Top off your Wendy look with this extra large bow.

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Tinker Bell Wings


Get your wings on with these lovely Tinker Bell wings.

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Tinker Bell Green Capris


These neon green capris would look great under a green tutu for your Tinker Bell outfit.

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Tinker Bell Tutu


Two-tone green tutu designed for runners.

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Tinker Bell Green Skirt


This running skirt from Lija is a great shade of green for Tinker Bell.

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Tinker Bell Crossback Tank Top


This crossback tank from Lija is just begging for some Tinker Bell wings!

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