Crafting Help

We have put together links to crafting and sewing instructions that will help you make your silliest costumes come to life.

We are adding ideas all the time, so check back often!

Making a Mickey Ears Headband has Angela Wilhelm’s awesome tutorial for making your own Mickey ears headband. It includes lots of helpful pictures plus the patterns you will need.

Making a Non-Slip Headband

Sew Rockin’ has easy-to-follow instructions for making your own headbands. The key is to use velvet ribbon, it makes the headbands stay in place during your toughest workouts.


Non-Slip Headbands with Velcro

Positively Splendid offers an alternative headband that uses the “loopy” side of Velcro rather than velvet ribbon to keep the headband from slipping.

Overview of Tutu Techniques

For a comprehensive guide to all sorts of tutu techniques, check out so crafty’s collection of tips. They cover everything from sewn to tied tutus, along with different waistband materials and embellishments.

Making a Sewn Tutu

Tutu makers have a choice of techniques. Some favor a no-sew method while others favor a sewn tutu. Mama to Three Chicks has instructions for making a tutu by sewing tulle strips and then attaching the strips to elastic.

Cinderalla Tutu with Satin Overlay

Little Pink Monsters shows us how to make a Cinderella tutu with a white satin overlay. You could adapt this technique to make all sorts of characters, including Tinker Bell.

Making Faux Fur Feathers

If your costume involves feathers, Dankesque demonstrates a great technique for making “feathers” out of faux fur. I used this technique on my life-size Kevin the “snipe”

Removable Color Tape for Shoes

KT Tape is handy for taping up muscles, and sidelines as a great way to add a custom color job to your shoes. It is easy to apply, and unlike duct tape, easy to remove.

Disney Princess Crafts

Spoonful has instructions for making 35 simple crowns and accessories for Disney Princesses.

Rapunzel Crown

Hard to believe that Sew Leslie made this spectacular crown from craft foam and crystals. Use her excellent instructions to make your own treasure.

Princess Tank Top

This Mama Makes Stuff has a quick and easy way to make any tank top fit for a princess.

Fairy Wings YouTube Tutorial

Threadbanger has a good YouTube tutorial on how to make fairy wings using coat hangers, tights, and lots of glitter.

EL Wire Fairy Wings

If you want to take your fairy wings up a notch, make them light up by adding EL wire. DesChamos has a good Instructables tutorial. You can get a good deal on EL wire from See my recommendations at right.

Simple Sparkle Skirt

Runs for Cookies shows you how to whip up your own sparkly running skirt with some sequined fabric and elastic.

Tiered Sparkle Skirt

Beauty Still Remains has another version of a sparkly skirt with tiered layers. This is an easy project for someone with sewing experience.

Jalie Running Skirt Pattern

Jalie offers great patterns for active wear, including my favorite running skirt pattern, Jalie 2796. It is available as a download, so you can get sewing right away. Their patterns also come with a wide range of sizes so you are sure to find your fit.

Jalie Running Skirt Demo

Two On, Two Off has lots of pictures of the nice features of the Jalie running skirt.